Vi dico solo la tracklist:

1.) Rat
2.) Decay
3.) No Chance
4.) Pigeon
5.) Metropolis
6.) Ghost
7.) Don’t
8.) Stuck
9.) Roach
10.) Ha Ha Ha (* Flipper cover)

se ti metti in un certo punto della sala, un po' sul lato destro, Chris Spencer ti guarda in faccia per tutto il concerto.

Insomma, si torna a scuola. Il 20 marzo, nientemeno che su Alternative Tentacles, esce il nuovo disco degli UNSANE. Si chiama Wreck. L’autocorrettore di Bastonate quando scrivi UNSANE lo trasforma automaticamente in UNSANE, non è possibile scrivere UNSANE senza caps lock pare. Il messaggio Facebook che accompagna il disco è, non so come dire, conturbante. Tipo che leggi dei pezzi a caso e senti i vuoti nel cervello e la parte bassa delle palle che spinge in avanti, e sai che la musica che ami, cioè l’unica musica esistente al mondo, cioè sostanzialmente la musica degli UNSANE, insomma. Tutti d’accordo, giusto? Alleghiamo pezzi a caso del comunicato. Alcune parole sono state messe in grassetto dall’autocorrettore di Bastonate.

“WRECK” is an unfettered burst of pent up emotions and frustrations channeled into song and an unflinching glance into a type of life others probably should not lead. From the shock and awe of the LP’s lead track “Rat” and the stunningly damaged “Decay” to the doom and gloom of the heavy handed “No Chance” and through to the transcendental brainwork of “Stuck”, UNSANE’s “WRECK” is darkly abrasive and poetic music delivered with a fearsome intensity.

UNSANE celebrates its 20th anniversary by delivering the darkest and most personal record of its celebrated career; “WRECK” is the band’s defining moment.

Recordings about modern urban life. The constant noise, confrontation, stress and alienation that goes with it, and the dysfunctional ways people try to deal with it. The death, drugs, attempted suicide and completely degenerative behavior of those around us really left a mark. I really was feeling like I needed to get it out of my system. There are some moments of redemption, but more often than not things did not end well. As the world population reaches seven billion it’s impossible not to feel the overcrowding.

Upon the release of the new LP, UNSANE will team up with punk rock legends THE MELVINS for what promises to be one of the year’s most anticipated underground rock tours. The like-minded bands will launch the 21 city trek on April 11 in San Jose, CA and will collaborate on an über-limited tour 7″ EP featuring each band covering a song from the other. The tour-only vinyl release will feature cover artwork from Amphetamine Reptile Records founder Thomas Hazelmyer.

(scusa se lo dico così, ma uno split 7″ Melvins/UNSANE in cui ogni gruppo fa una cover dell’altro era quello a cui pensava Dio quando ha inventato l’orecchio umano)