Vuvuzelas: c’è chi dice no.

Ormai convinti che il mondo intero fosse caduto in trance, irreversibilmente sottomesso al potere del ronzio più colossale, estatico, immaginifico e epidemico del mondo (da queste parti già parzialmente celebrato), non senza stupore abbiamo rilevato l’esistenza di diverse voci di dissenso. In particolar modo, colpiscono per violenza e intransigenza i commenti presenti sulla pagina YouTube da cui è tratto il video di cui sopra, equamente divisi tra semplici travasi di bile e più articolate manifestazioni di razzismo becero da far sembrare il più fetido dei rednecks analfabeti un luminare dell’Accademia della Crusca. Noi ovviamente stiamo da tutt’altra parte, per dirla con parole altrui, I hate it when I’m at a vuvuzela concert and people start playing football!, e ci auguriamo che ben presto happening del genere si svincolino progressivamente dalle partite di calcio e diventino attività ricreativa a sè stante, riconosciuta in tutto il mondo e promossa dall’UNESCO. In fondo, chi l’ha detto che un concerto di vuvuzelas debba durare per forza novanta minuti?!? Con il dovuto ricambio di esecutori e spettatori, si potrebbero organizzare concerti di vuvuzelas della durata di settimane (o, come nel racconto di Stephen King E hanno una band dell’altro mondo, di anni e anni); la vuvuzela sostituirebbe strumenti inutili come il flauto o lo xilofono nelle lezioni di musica fin dalle scuole elementari, e i risultati sarebbero sotto gli occhi di tutti. Ma, come detto, c’è chi non condivide il nostro entusiasmo: di seguito vi offriamo una selezione di alcuni tra i commenti più stupidi e razzisti che abbiamo letto al proposito. Indispensabile una buona conoscenza della lingua inglese, ma soprattutto una scintillante vuvuzela a portata di tonsille e tanto fiato in corpo, per assordare tutti insieme quei bastardi.

negros ruin ANYTHING they touch or are envolved with, they’re a animalistic race that destroys, NEVER building anything
Drop dead. What happens during WC in Africa right now, proves for the whole world the differences between aryans and animals.
When they are so stupid placing World Cup among lower standing “humans” in Africa, they should understand that something idiotic will come out of it.
This WC are spoiled because of this ridicolous plastic horn used by monkeys. I tried to see two matches, but had to stop after 20 min. No more WC for me this time, and to UEFA: NO more WC in the underdeveloped areas of the world. Look to previous WC in aryan Germany. It was perfect.
I wonder what the South African World Cup 2010 will be remembered for????
1.Bringing the football world together?
2.Watching the best of the best play against one another?
3.Half of the European players seeing how many times they can fake a life threatening injury as a result of throwing themselves on the ground when the opponent was nowhere near them? (Ronaldo)
4.Bringing the country together with a false hope that we might do well.



5.Those retards blowing their vuvuzelas?


I was planning to visit SA to go to a couple of the World cup games, THANK F**K I changed my mind! At least watching on TV I can turn that god awful noise off. Do the SA people not realise/care that they are making themselves into a laughing stock around the world? They probably ‘DON’T CARE WHAT WE THINK’ about them, because caring is an ability displayed by civilised people. If I were sat next to some twat blowing one of those things, I would RIP HIS F**KING LUNGS OUT. SA YOU’RE A DISGRACE.
lol south africa people look like dirty black monkey ~!!
they will not have any world event~!
All right sports fans, the Cup is up and running! So far there have been Greek players robbed, Chinese Reporters robbed, 15 people hurt in a stampede outside a stadium, and terrorist legend Nelson Mandelas great? granddaughter was killed by a drunk driver coming back from the exciting World Cup kick off concert.


Another funny headline I saw was New Zealand players complaining of a bad odor in the air while they practiced
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BECAUSE DE PLAYERS! DEY EAT DA POO POO (con ventisette commenti a favore)

TYPICAL MONKEYS have to try be different and ruin everything.
copy and paste if you think all the south african niggers that know nothing about football blowing their STUPID POINTLESS IRRATATING HORNS should be barred from all matches.

south africa is a shit hole, what did they expect when they decided to host the world cup there? when they aren’t raping and murdering each other, the blacks of south africa go around annoying people with horns. gotta love south africa.


The Vuvuzela, clear evidence of an inferior race. I mean, what kind of idiot blows through a pipe for 90 minutes not paying attention to the action on the pitch?

Hmmm…..Blacks being loud and obnoxious and contributing nothing positive. Whats new? (N.B.: l’autore del commento si firma “ObamaSmellsBad”)

What? a bunch of apes.
nigger symphony. they do nothing well.
what a bunch of barbarians
South Africans must be seriously retarded if they think this deafening racket is the best way to encourage top performance from the players.
For more on the IQ of the coloreds click on youtube video titled:


Race and IQ part 1 (io il link non l’ho aperto, ma mi chiedo, chi sarà stato l’autore della disamina? Howard Zinn?)

i hate the clown noises thats for sure, black people are stupid. i bet you most of these horn playing bastards are black, while the majority of whites are annoyed by it. superior intelligence is obviously in the hands of the white people.
Fucking niggaz need to cut this shit out. Why’d they take the cup into this nigger hellhole anyway is beyond me…

We aren’t loud, annoying niggers. Seriously, our music isn’t a cacophony of niggerhorns trying to play different “songs”


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fucking africans… why should they be always troublesome????

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fucking monkeys abd their fucking blowhorns, i wanna watch football without getting a headache…
Understand now why the apartheid was created?

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FUCK THESE CUNTS, They destroy TV broadcasts
90 minutes of SOLID blowing during the game today, Ban them
The Africans show their intelligence by blowing this jungle horn for 90 minutes without a break. Europeans sing songs and you can hear the atmosphere when someone scores or if they miss. But with this mindless monotone 90 minutes non stop noise, you get nothing.

Part of your culture? Stupid, it is a plastic horn! Did your culture create plastic horns? Have you idiots been blowing them for hundreds of years, despite there being no plastic until last century?


Maybe it does create an awesome atmosphere for your primitive people, but it is annoying the entire world. (ancora ObamaSmellsBad)

That is the most fucking annoying sound ever! I tried to watch some of the World Cup but couldn’t do it because of those stupid asses blowing those stupid fucking horns! What a bunch of absolute fucking idiots! 

Take your vuvuzela and shove it up your ass!


Meno male che poi un ignoto illuminato fornisce LA risposta:

If it’s too loud, your too old. And lame.